Updating a Lost Kitchen in Lost Creek

Updating a Lost Kitchen in Lost Creek 2017-09-21T16:26:17+00:00

Project Description

This kitchen was suffering from oak overload, but everyone hates to throw out real-wood cabinets, right? The homeowners tried to put their house on the market but their outdated kitchen kept them from making a move. Could we do enough presto-change-o to make them want to stay?




Out with the dated tile flooring, out with the tile counters and old backsplash, out with the old color palette…in with the new!


The oak cabinets are brought back to life with a little paint (or a lot) and new solid-surface counters bring some sleekness into the space. Swapping exposed hinges for euro-style was a bit of a technical challenge, but worth the extra effort the homeowner put into it. Now the cabinets appear fresh from the factory!


The remodeled kitchen feels open and airy.


An earthy, modern backsplash contemporizes the space.