Christmas Cupcakes Pinterest Fail

I had to make cupcakes for Phoebe's third grade Christmas party, so obvs it was time for another PINTEREST FAIL! You might recall last year's Valentine's Day Cyclops Cupcakes. My Christmas cupcakes aren't as scary looking as that, but still a [...]

Must-See Shoal Creek Remodel on the Market

This is a project that is near and dear to me. When I first met with this client, her first floor was a little sad... Painted paneling in the living room, dated stair railing, enclosed staircase: That little drive-thru window? [...]

VIDEO: Five Elements of Badass Design

Oh. Em. Gee. You are gonna D-I-E when you see this video we shot earlier this summer! This is the brainchild of Nicole Kinbarovsky of Eastside Creative. Nicole and I used to work together back in my graphic design days, [...]

Fun Home Decor: Front Doors

We're on a mission to have more fun with home decor--and a great little project that will let you stretch a bit creatively without spending a lot of money is to paint your front door a fun, contrasting color. Realtors [...]

Just Say No to Builder Beige

All across 'Merica, thousands upon thousands of people are closing on their new-construction homes every day.  If 4 million such homes were sold in the US last year, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that in at least 68% of [...]

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Mini-Makeover: Natasha’s Living Room Built-Ins & Bedroom

Somehow I totally missed posting this mini-makeover before and after. D'oh! So although it's very Christmas-y, better late than never, right? Natasha was one of our Guest Room Giveaway one-hour mini-makeover winners. Natasha and husband Glen welcomed a baby boy [...]

Claire’s Blog Roundup: November

Room Fu Decorologist Claire Patrick has pulled her favorite posts from the blogosphere for another monthly wrap-up! 1. At its origins, I fully intended on writing these “best of” monthly posts without repeating a particular blog – there are SO [...]

Guest Room Giveaway: After Photos!

We're so excited to share pictures of Guest Room Giveaway winner Neesha D.'s transformed guest bedroom! We are really excited about how this makeover turned out, due in large part to the amazing products and services donated by Austin businesses [...]

Makeover Madness: Anna B.’s Mini-Makeover

The Makeover Madness spawned by our recent Guest Room Giveaway continued yesterday with a visit to one-hour makeover winner Anna B.'s house. We spent the hour styling her home office shelves, using the books, bins and decorative accessories Anna already [...]

Makeover Madness: Kimberly F.’s & Rob B.’s Mini-Makeovers

We did two mini-makeovers yesterday as part of our recent Guest Room Giveaway contest. As you may know, these one-hour makeovers are basically styling sessions, where we come in and finesse a space using the homeowners' existing furnishings and accessories. [...]