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FBF: Interviews with Design Celebs

It occurred to me the other day that I've been fortunate to interview or speak with virtually every celebrity interior designer I admire and that it might be nice to collect all of those articles together in one place. This [...]

Guest Blog: HGTV’s Kevin Grace Hits the Chicago Modern Home Tour

This post comes to us from Kevin Grace--you'll remember him as the engaging dude from Chicago on Season 6 of HGTV's Design Star, and if you're in Chicago, you might have seen "Kevin Grace: Save My Space" recently on Windy [...]

Event: Chicago Modern Home Tour

Modern design aficionados of Chicago, you won't want to miss your Modern Home Tour is this Saturday! A glimpse of the awesomeness that awaits you: Filoramo Talsma, LLC. Photo by Joseph Noel. Gold Coast Exclusive [...]

Shop Genevieve Gorder’s Garage Sale

Ms. Genevieve Gorder of HGTV fame will be hawking merchandise she amassed over a decade + in design television at the Brooklyn Flea this Saturday. BONUS: they'll be doing some taping, too, so here's your chance to mug for the [...]

HGTV Star: Episode 1

Did you watch last night's premiere of HGTV Star, a.k.a. Design Star Remixed? Well I did, but only because the DVR remembered it was go-time. I'm feeling so ambivalent about it, I forgot it was even starting. A reader recently [...]

Design Star Season 8 Auditions

Between my chronic knee issues and the two hours of horror stories I heard off the record from one of last year's cast members, I had no desire to try out for Season 8 of Design Star. I've interviewed so [...]

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The New Year’s Resolutions of Your Fave Designers & Bloggers

Another new year is six days away, can you believe it? I'm actually looking forward to '13 because unlike most people, I consider thirteen to be my lucky number. I actually turned thirteen on Friday the 13th and lived to [...]

Claire’s Blog Roundup: November

Room Fu Decorologist Claire Patrick has pulled her favorite posts from the blogosphere for another monthly wrap-up! 1. At its origins, I fully intended on writing these “best of” monthly posts without repeating a particular blog – there are SO [...]

Blog Roundup: October

A big thank you to Room Fu Decorologist Claire Patrick, for another monthly blog roundup! Claire has gathered her favorite posts from other interior design and decorating blogs: 1. Just for fun, let’s keep the tradition of starting this list [...]

Design Star All-Stars: Out With a Whimper, Not a Bang

Ever since I watched the finale of Design Star All-Stars, I've pursued my final Skype convo with finalists Matt Locke and Jason Champion only half-heartedly. Nothing against them, of course. I'd talk to those two any day of the week. [...]