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  • Fantastical and Feminine

    This exciting interior design is based on novelist/screenwriter Erin Samiloglu’s wish for a pull-out-the-stops Paris Apartment-style bedroom for her young daughter. Room Fu’s Design Guru lets her creativity run wild, creating a sugar and spice fantasy room fit for a little princess in Samiloglu’s newly constructed Lakeway home.


    Cotton candy-striped walls and an apple green ceiling surround a sophisticated collection of charming fabrics in various hues of pinks and limes. Creamy eyelash fabric is draped across the canopy of a gracefully curved Victorian-style bed and accented by olive-colored organza flowers wrapped around each post. Paneled curtains in a grand raspberry print create height and drama around the window, while a crystal-dropped chandelier casts soft white light below.


    An antique rocker belonging to the client is transformed with a fresh coat of paint and polka-dotted upholstery. The glamorous-looking mirrored side table is actually made of plexiglass, ensuring the safety of Samiloglu’s four-year old.


    A tired dresser the client was planning to sell is brought back to life with new inset panels in two shades of green dupioni silk.  Sparkling crystal knobs add a delicate touch to the piece.


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