Design Star

Design Star Sighting

Look what the cat dragged in.  I hope this post means what I think it means! GO EMILY!

HGTV’s Design Star Season 5: Alex Sanchez Interview

When I put together my cast critique prior to this season’s premiere of Design Star, I characterized Alex Sanchez as being “moldable,” due to his young age (26).  He turned out to indeed be moldable in a positive way…but in [...]

Catching Up with HGTV’s Antonio Ballatore

I cracked open a hole in my schedule to catch up with HGTV’s Design Star Season 4 winner Antonio Ballatore about his upcoming season of The Antonio Treatment. Viewers seem to either love or hate Antonio—there aren’t many people in [...]

Here’s One for Torie’s Biggest Fan

DesignGirl and KerningBoy battle the virus Papyrus.

Jason Champion Gets Crafty for Kiddos

I have not one shred of interest in craft projects per se, but isn't Design Star finalist Jason Champion the most darling on-air guest? You can tell this local news personality wants to eat him up during this segment on [...]

Jason Champion: Habitat Chic

As you know, HGTV Design Star alum Jason Champion was hard at work this weekend decorating an entire Habitat for Humanity house out in Florida.  He was kind enough to share pics and the results were amazing! LIVING ROOM [...]

Design Star Jason Champion Appearance

If you are anywhere near Naples, Florida today, it's worth driving over to Estero to the International Design Center to see HGTV Design Star finalist Jason Champion today at 2.  Jason is doing a seminar on design trends and promises [...]

Another Design Star Project

How about this for the ultimate vanity project:  take an HGTV Design Star finalist who got the boot mid-way through Season 3, add an insane ego and an insatiable need to see himself onscreen, stir in an assistant who thinks [...]

Eddie Ross Interview

I caught up with Eddie Ross (from Season 2 of now defunct Top Design) today on his way back to New York from a flea market shopping trip in Washington, DC.  Now…Jason Champion set up this little phone chat on [...]

HGTV: The Antonio Project

In this very special episode, we see Antonio Ballatore take his victory lap after winning Season 4 of HGTV's Design Star.  Since Antonio's working on his own home,  we get a peek at what he would do if there were [...]