Fab Find: Remixologie

Mid-century lovers will love the new Remixologie store here in Austin. Nestled into a small, ranch-style storefront on Burnet Road, Remixologie has filled their space with lovingly restored mid-century modern furniture, art, lighting and accessories. Similar to Uptown Modern, everything [...]

Red Chair Market: Finding New & Used Furniture in Austin

Craigslist is a great resource for a lot of things, but like all discount shopping experiences, it requires effort. You're slogging through a million posts--even if you're gifted at filtering via keyword searches--because there's just so much schlock to wade [...]

Fab Finds: Mockingbird Domestics

Pardon me while I take a moment to GUSH. I felt a lot of excited anticipation over the grand opening of Mockingbird Domestics here in Austin Saturday. The sneak peeks I'd seen of the merchandise on Facebook left me wanting [...]

Catalog Crawl: West Elm

After that last post, the universe rights itself again over at West Elm. The design of this dresser is something I've been dying to do for nearly a decade but haven't found a client who would go for all of [...]

Craigslist Crawl: Austin

It's been a hundred years since I did a Craigslist Crawl, and that's about 99 years too long. Saturdays are perfect for Craigslist! If you see something you like, ACT FAST. Amazing vintage sofa: 1949 bamboo outdoor burniture [...]

Catalog Crawl: West Elm

Last week, Claire asked if I was ever going to finish the Catalog Crawl I started a while back.  Trouble is, I said I was going to do Crate & Barrel next...but nothing in their recent catalog wow'd me, to [...]

Craigslist Crawl: Los Angeles

Craigslist goodies for folks in La-La-Land:

Craigslist Crawl: Chicago

For those of you near the Windy City, some Fab Finds Craigslist-style:

Craigslist Crawl: Austin, Dallas, Chicago, NYC

Hasn't it been a hundred years since I did a Craigslist Crawl?  I won't promise all cities today, but it seemed like high time.  I'll start with the hometown crowd in the ATX and work my way through frequent commenter's [...]

Design Star Peeps

Still on vacation, but have a few announcements regarding the folks associated with Design Star for you HGTV diehards out there: MATT LOCKE, Season 3 Finalist My buddy Matt Locke has spent the past few months creating a curated collection [...]