Event: Red Chair Market Designer Tag Sale (Sneak Peek)

Have you purchased your tickets for the Red Chair Market Designer Tag Sale on the 27th yet? Room Fu will have a booth in the sale and while trying to get my wares organized, I thought I'd share some of [...]

Celebrate the Year of the Snake

Another Chinese New Year has arrived, heralding the Year of the Snake. I've checked around the Internets to find out what this means for us and either (A) found conflicting information--some think it's a good year for biz and other [...]

Guest Room Giveaway Sponsor: Bolt Fabrics

Remember how we all used to go to Fanny's Fabrics for interior fabrics and how depressed we were when it shut down back in July? Good news, kiddies--the store has a new owner, a new name and a new location! [...]

Guest Room Giveaway Sponsor: Lush Livings Custom Curtains

Our virtual tour of Room Fu's Guest Room Giveaway sponsors continues with Lush Livings, who will provide new custom curtains for the winning guest bedroom! In addition to curtains, Lush Livings offers custom duvet covers, quilts and decorative pillows in [...]

Fab Find: Plush Fabrics

I hit Plush Fabrics for the first time recently, to help a client in Cedar Park make selections for her guest room.  Since I'm in South Austin, it's a bit of a trek for me, but those of you who [...]

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Fab Finds: Company C

Thanks, Kimberly, for turning me on to Company C's website...where I drooled over some things I can't afford: ...and found a few things a little more budget-friendly: [...]

Kid-Proof & Pet-Proof Fabrics

This one's for all of the parents in the world, be they the caretakers of human offspring or furry creatures alike.  I've always recommended outdoor fabrics for areas of high stain traffic, like dining chairs and that sort of thing.  [...]

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Shopping Trip: Antique and Outlet Malls

On my way back from meeting a new client in New Braunfels this week, I took an opportunity to do some vintage shopping at a local antique mall and then hit the outlets in San Marcos. I pulled into the [...]