Prepping for Guests: Last Minute Holiday Decorating Tips

Christmas is eight days away. Most holiday guests will arrive on Christmas Eve, and if that's the case for your guests, you have seven days to prepare for the onslaught. Really, you have six days, because you're probably going to [...]

GIVEAWAY: Vote for a Chance to Win!

  As you know, we would LOVE to win one of Apartment Therapy's Homies--their awards for best home design and inspiration blogs. And we're not above campaigning for it HARD. CORE. Hey, if it works for the Oscars, it can [...]

Quick Tip: Free Floral

Here's a little trick to spruce up any room in your house, especially when company's coming. I use this trick so often, whether in my own home or when I'm staging a home on the market. Just chop a few [...]

New Prices/Stuff at Ikea

Ikea's 2010 catalog came out recently, and besides sounding weird to nearly be through our aught years, there are some crazy price reductions and new stuff worth alerting you to. First of all, there are some special weekend deals to [...]