E.A.S.T. Picks

Here's a rundown of the studios I hope to hit during the East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.),  which starts Saturday (numbers in parentheses correspond to the handy-dandy tour map): Susannah Blanton (#68) Bay 6 Studios 5305 Bolm Road #6 Clarke [...]

Crate & Barrel + Craigslist

Get the hottest sofa at Crate & Barrel for the price of my knock-off:

Craigslist: Furniture Finds

Didn't see anything in Austin worth posting about, so I took a little virtual tour... CHICAGO DALLAS HOUSTON LOS ANGELES

Craigslist: Austin Furniture Finds

Before I run out to today's design consultations, I'll share a few furniture finds on Craigslist: This sectional looks fab together, but you could also split it into an "L" and pop a square side table in the corner in [...]

Cute Little Side Tables

Spied a couple of cute new side tables at Target for under $100:

Preview: Furniture by Nathan Galui!

I know what you're thinking. FINALLY, she's writing about Design Star contestant Nathan Galui's upcoming furniture line and not just bragging about how she and Nate are "like this" or teasing you about showing you. Occasionally, I do put my [...]

Craigslist Austin: Mid-Century Furniture Finds

Love the mod wingback on this chair so much! Paint the wood a crazy color, and how adorable would it be?! This poor baby needs a lot of upholstery love, but with the right colors and combination of fabrics, this [...]

Tulsa Craigslist Vintage Mid-Century Furniture

I'm still in Tulsa, bringing joy to the 'rents. And by joy, I mean my 4-year old daughter, Phoebe, and my 7-year old niece, Kylee. So while I'm here, and since someone commenting on my blog specifically requested more Craigslist [...]

Exclusive Design Star Interviews, Furniture and Home Decor on Sale

I found out today that I'm the only blogger interviewing Design Star contestants as they're eliminated from the show. Wow, huh? Leaving shortly for Tulsa, Oklahoma...bringing joy to the 'rents. In case I'm unable to post for a couple of [...]

Home Decor Look-Alikes