Jason Champion

The New Year’s Resolutions of Your Fave Designers & Bloggers

Another new year is six days away, can you believe it? I'm actually looking forward to '13 because unlike most people, I consider thirteen to be my lucky number. I actually turned thirteen on Friday the 13th and lived to [...]

Design Star All-Stars: Out With a Whimper, Not a Bang

Ever since I watched the finale of Design Star All-Stars, I've pursued my final Skype convo with finalists Matt Locke and Jason Champion only half-heartedly. Nothing against them, of course. I'd talk to those two any day of the week. [...]

Video Interview with Design Star S4 Finalist Jason Champion

In this video interview, my seemingly disembodied floating head chats with Design Star Season 4 Finalist and Showhouse Showdown Winner Jason Champion--the funnyman himself. We rehash his thoughts on last night's episode of Design Star All-Stars and which designer he [...]

Video Interview with Design Star S2 Finalist Will Smith

It was great chatting with Design Star Season 2 Finalist and Fan Favorite Will Smith today, but the interview didn't exactly go off without a hitch. Although one of the technological glitches I experienced last week when I spoke to [...]

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

As promised, Matt Locke and I had a very rousing conversation via Skype last week, wherein we discussed the premiere episode of Design Star All Stars. However, the video and audio of my side of the convo is not in [...]

Jason Champion’s Winning Showhouse

Did you get a chance to watch HGTV Design Star Season 4 finalist Jason Champion on Showhouse Showdown last week? If you've never seen the show, two designers face off against each other, designing three rooms in identical model homes. [...]

Jason Champion on Showhouse Showdown Today!

Design Star fans, if you can set your DVRs remotely, you're going to want to cue it up for HGTV's Showhouse Showdown in 45 minutes. DS Season 4 finalist Jason Champion will take on Florida designer Mark Thee in "Tampa, [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: Jersey Shore B&B

Last night's episode of Design Star featured a few good ideas and a whole lot of suckage.  Take this room for instance, which judge Vern Yip referred to as "the best room I've seen in all six years of Design [...]

Design Star Judges Hit the Tabloids

Sensational title, huh?  Before you get too excited, I'm talking People and InTouch, not the National Enquirer. Candice Olson and Genevieve Gorder reveal a bit of their homes' design this week.  Here's Candice's People appearance: Even though I heart Design [...]

HGTV Design Star Season 5: Courtland Bascon Interview

If Venetian plasterers are looking for a poster boy, they could scarcely do better than Design Star castoff Courtland Bascon.  Known for faux finishes and V-neck shirts, he caused quite a stir during the seventh episode when he outed himself. [...]