Matt Locke

Greetings from Matt Locke

Whenever my friend, Matt Locke, gets my voicemail, he likes to give me crap about my Texas twang. He says it takes FOR.EV.ER. to listen to my greeting, so rather than the typical, "Hey, it's Matt. Call me," kind of [...]

Fab Follows: Matt Locke

Longtime readers know that Design Star Season 3 runner-up Matt Locke and I go waaaay back. But our history doesn't make me biased toward his talent and creative abilities--his talent and creative abilities are simply a matter of fact. And [...]

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Design Star All-Stars: Out With a Whimper, Not a Bang

Ever since I watched the finale of Design Star All-Stars, I've pursued my final Skype convo with finalists Matt Locke and Jason Champion only half-heartedly. Nothing against them, of course. I'd talk to those two any day of the week. [...]

Video Interview with Design Star S4 Finalist Jason Champion

In this video interview, my seemingly disembodied floating head chats with Design Star Season 4 Finalist and Showhouse Showdown Winner Jason Champion--the funnyman himself. We rehash his thoughts on last night's episode of Design Star All-Stars and which designer he [...]

Video Interview with Design Star S2 Finalist Will Smith

It was great chatting with Design Star Season 2 Finalist and Fan Favorite Will Smith today, but the interview didn't exactly go off without a hitch. Although one of the technological glitches I experienced last week when I spoke to [...]

Design Star 7: Inside/Outside

This week on Design Star: Danielle defers, Miera's delusional, Britany ODs on chevron sauce, Stanley is manly, Kris is (gasp!) pleasant, Rachel is homesick, Mikel and Hilari just git their sh*t DONE, and apparently Wonder Bra is now [...]

An Interview with Design Star Matt Locke

Design Star fans will delight in my upcoming series of interviews with HGTV faves for Williams-Sonoma's Designer Marketplace, starting with this chat with Season 3 runner-up Matt Locke! As most of you know (since I blab it every chance I [...]

Interviews with Celebrity Designers!

It's been a LONG time since I've interviewed any of the famous folks in the design world, but now that Williams-Sonoma has asked me to start doing interviews for Designer Marketplace, I'll be doing a lot more of that going [...]

Watch This: Garage Makeovers

My buddy Matt Locke and his Design Star Season 3 castmate, Trish Beaudet, recently made over two garages in Phoenix for's HomeStretch. There are five short videos showcasing the 2-day $2,000 redos. Watch Matt take his homeowners' garage from [...]

Fab Finds: Floral Felt Sculptures

Thanks to Matt Locke for turning me on to these fab floral felt sculptures by Modern Maven.  How gorgeous is this? Matt's hometown friend Tara Gray started creating these sculptures for a charity event called Design for Hope, which raises [...]

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