Season 5

Design Star 7: Skirts in Yurts

Last week we watched a very dull episode of Design Star that ran aground of its full potential. Charged with incorporating assigned colors in meaningful ways, the designers had full reign to lavish eye candy upon us...but none of the [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: Jersey Shore B&B

Last night's episode of Design Star featured a few good ideas and a whole lot of suckage.  Take this room for instance, which judge Vern Yip referred to as "the best room I've seen in all six years of Design [...]

Update: Design Star Season 6 Interviews

HGTV giveth, and HGTV taketh away. After conducting interviews with the castoffs of seasons 4 and 5 of Design Star, it looks like there won't be any of that this year.  Am I sad about it?  Yes and no.  Yes, [...]

Update: Trent Hultgren

Check out Season 5 Design Star finalist Trent Hultgren's new Austin digs! I'm jealous of that mid-century fireplace and his porch. Dreamy... We're very happy to have you in the ATX, Trent! For more photos of Trent's work, check out [...]

Dan the Man’s on

You can finally catch Design Star Season 5 fan favorite Dan Faires' new online show, DanMade on  The first episode features a do-it-yourself upholstered headboard project made from a sheet of plywood, a painter's canvas, and carpet tacks.  Dan's [...]

Design Star Peeps

Still on vacation, but have a few announcements regarding the folks associated with Design Star for you HGTV diehards out there: MATT LOCKE, Season 3 Finalist My buddy Matt Locke has spent the past few months creating a curated collection [...]

Design Star Season 5 Winner Emily Henderson!

Despite declaring a much-needed day of rest today, recent Design Star winner Emily Henderson was kind enough to chat with me about her career-changing experience.  I was psyched to interview her--not because she won, and not because she validated my [...]

I just told Michael Moeller to suck it.

After jacking my schedule around yesterday (interview scheduled with four hours' notice, then cancelled it three hours later), he was late for our rescheduled interview this morning and kept me waiting 39 minutes.  Journalists might be more accommodating in order [...]

Design Star Sightings

Making appearances last night at Design Star Emily Henderson's Hollywood viewing party: Matt Locke (Season 3 runner-up), Casey Noble (Season 5), Lonni Paul (Season 4), and Nathan Galui (Season 4), who just moved to LA to start a [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 5 Finale: Emily Henderson FTW!

I know we got ourselves a brand-spankin' new Design Star last night--a finish that made me want to celebrate with champagne too--but y'all, all I can think about today is MY BABY'S IN KINDERGARTEN MY BABY'S IN KINDERGARTEN MY BABY'S [...]