Season 6

Skype Interview w/Design Star S6 Finalist Kevin Grace RE Design Star All-Stars

Kevin Grace brought a lot of personality to Season 6 of Design Star, so it is no surprise to have a great time chatting with him today. In this video, we cuss and discuss last night's episode of Design Star [...]

Video Interview with Design Star S4 Finalist Jason Champion

In this video interview, my seemingly disembodied floating head chats with Design Star Season 4 Finalist and Showhouse Showdown Winner Jason Champion--the funnyman himself. We rehash his thoughts on last night's episode of Design Star All-Stars and which designer he [...]

Design Star 7: Skirts in Yurts

Last week we watched a very dull episode of Design Star that ran aground of its full potential. Charged with incorporating assigned colors in meaningful ways, the designers had full reign to lavish eye candy upon us...but none of the [...]

“Overheard” Praise in an HGTV Forum!

While checking out Room Fu's website visitor stats, I discovered someone had posted a link to this blog in a forum on Curious, I clicked on the link and discovered this thread about Design Star Season 7 casting: Cool, [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: The Finale

In some inexplicable twist of fate, Meg Caswell came onto the scene this season of Design Star and produced: A horrible room for the White Box Challenge: One of the most unattractive headboards in Design Star history (second [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: Episode Gone Wrong

A former Design Star finalist called me today and asked, "So are you not blogging about Design Star because this episode was so boring, or has the heat finally gotten to you?  Or is it because it's your daughter's first [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: Bye Bye Bitchy

Okay, this season I've been trying to be good about spoilers, but this time I just can't hold myself back. BITCH IS GONE! Let's all take a moment for a dance of joy. Now that that's taken care of, what [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: Jersey Shore B&B

Last night's episode of Design Star featured a few good ideas and a whole lot of suckage.  Take this room for instance, which judge Vern Yip referred to as "the best room I've seen in all six years of Design [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: Episode 3

This week on HGTV’s Design Star: Dougie becomes the new J, Bret still sucks, Kevin’s wall is a total standout, Tyler and Meg do beach chic, Karl gets crafty, Leslie and Kellie are cute, and Mark gets lost.  Our on-air [...]

HGTV’s Design Star Season 6: White Room Challenge!

Last night’s episode of HGTV’s Design Star featured the iconic white room challenge.  Although this challenge can get a tad tired at times, I love that it presents all of the finalists with an even playing field and the fact [...]