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  • Testimonials

    “The room transports me from Texas into a fantasy Parisian apartment…”

    “I love how chic I feel in this room!”

    “This room gives me total street cred.”

    “The geniuses at Room Fu managed to turn our boring, washed out, and disorganized living room into a hip, serene, and incredibly comfortable space…all on an unreasonably low budget!”

    “This room makes me feel extra pimp…(it) was exactly the room I wanted but could never get without the help of the room guru!”

    “I appreciated your using some of my existing side tables, accessories and artwork. It is truly my space rather than just a furniture store living room.”

    “After working for several weeks with a contractor, we hired Robin to come in and help with color and design. She was such a breath of fresh air! Not only did she offer some awesome tips on reconfiguring our space, she listened to our ideas and was able to help us finish picking a majority of the big ticket items in just TWO DAYS. Even though our project was in Dallas, Robin continued to communicate via phone throughout the project. I would highly recommend Room Fu’s services!”

    “We have really enjoyed the room and could not be happier. (My daughter) and I were talking last night and she told me that she thinks her new room is a dream come true. Thanks again for all your help.”

    “You read my true affinity for exotic but not overdone furnishings. The chandelier you selected is great and the reupholstered dining chairs are perfect for the room. Both work so well with my favorite rug and artwork that you hung in the room and the adjoining foyer.”

    “I was floored by your ideas for transforming this unwieldy space. It is a fairy tale room–a real Cinderella transformation.”

    “Room Fu rocks!”

    “The design is fabulous!”

    “What a relief to have gorgeous built-in bookshelves that are themselves a work of art!”

    “I am so happy with the cleaner look, and the room is so comfortable.”

    “I just love our slipcovers!! I think the fabric is perfect–pretty but not frilly. The colors are fun but still look tailored. You have such a good eye.”

    “It’s a little like Christmas, waiting to see what you have come up with.”

    “It looks great–better than (we) imagined it!”

    “Wow, we looked like drab white trash before the room guru.”

    “It really does look like a spa!”

    “FU rules!”

    “You set out to create “a little jewel box,” and you did. It is one of the most beautiful and functional bathrooms I have ever seen. My daughter and I love it!”

    “You made (the room) look so chic!”

    “I might have to make a third baby in this room.”

    “The crème de la crème of my house. Love it. Love it. Love it.”

    “Working with Room Fu was a perfect fit! The design matched our taste and lifestyle perfectly, and we saved so much money doing the work ourselves. Our bedroom looks and feels bigger, and is much more functional. In a word, it’s beautiful!”

    “That’s why I love you, Robin. You’re the design guru for the common man.”