I was recently invited by to compile a list of 10 Best Blogs for Interior Design Inspiration.  Which is a list I’d like to be on, to be perfectly honest.

When it comes to my favorite blogs about decor, I have a few criteria…and this is just my own personal taste, mind you.

First of all, my list does not include accolade-hogging blogs like design*sponge or apartment therapy or the like.  I’m not knocking them at all, but if you’re interested in interior design blogs, you already know about those guys.  (And if you didn’t?  There ya go–BONUS.) My list doesn’t include design-ish blogs I read for fun (and not-for-church-ladies-fun) because I was trying to focus on visual inspiration.  I’m not personally into traditional decor or Victorian antique-y sorts of things, so you won’t find any of that in the blogs on my list, either.

What will you find?  Check out my top ten list!