Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you do small projects, like selecting paint colors or flooring?

Room Fu is happy to help you with any aspect of your interior design. We bring an extensive collection of paint chips to every consultation, and if you just want help choosing tile or flooring, we’re happy to run over to your local tile/flooring store to help you make selections following a brief meeting at your house. Update: there are limitations in how we conduct these selections now, due to Covid-19 concerns. Please see “Covid-19” info above, for details.

Can you help me select exterior paint colors?

Absolutely. In the era of Covid-19, this is our new favorite thing, because it gets us out of the house, LOL! To do this safely, we will follow social distancing requirements, and arrive wearing face masks and gloves while this is a concern.

I’ve never used a designer before. What is the process like?

**Please see “Covid-19” above, for the ways we’re currently conducting business while this is a concern. The following applies to the “good old days,” which we look forward to returning to in the distant future, but it does give you some idea of the general process of things. While we’re working remotely, please note that time estimates will be affected by factors beyond our control.

We’ll start with an initial consultation. During this first meeting (avg. 1.5 hrs), we’ll ask you a number of questions about your project, such as:

  • What is your budget?
  • What are your style and color preferences?
  • What is staying in the room? What are you dying to change?
  • How do you want the space to feel when we’re done?
  • Do you need help selecting surface materials and/or furnishings and accessories, or would you like to just get our advice on style/color/retailers so you can shop on your own?
  • Do you want to do home improvement projects yourself or will you require service professionals?
  • Would you like us to oversee and/or coordinate contractors throughout the home improvement process?
  • Do we need to keep children and/or pets in mind when designing the space?

During this first meeting, we will share creative ideas and make recommendations for next steps. We can also provide an estimate of hours for your project during this consultation. If we’re creating a design plan for you, we’ll begin your project by creating a space plan for your room(s). This is a basic layout of the furniture arrangement, which gives you an idea of the pieces and dimensions we would look for. Once that is approved, we’ll move on to making specific product recommendations and creating a design vision for your space. Many times this information is sent to you in an email with photos and web links, or you can take the information from the space plan and shop on your own with the confidence of knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you charge for the initial consultation?

Yes, as these consultations are extremely productive and informative. Payment is due at the end of each consultation.

Can you make sustainable design recommendations?

Room Fu wholly supports the green movement. Energy efficiency and sustainable materials are a popular and ethical choice, especially here in Austin! We encourage environmentally-responsible design decisions, but we’re not preachy about it

What if we are merging two styles?

One of the many hats we wear is our mediator hat! We have lots of experience merging the design styles of romantic partners. There’s nothing like an objective third party (especially one who is a design professional) to level the playing field and settle any design disputes. And hey…our makeovers are a lot prettier and less expensive than relationship counseling.

Does Room Fu offer gift certificates?

We sure do. Nothin’ says lovin’ like a Room Fu gift certificate! Contact us to request a gift of FU!

What is your payment policy, and what forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is due for an initial consultation at the end of that meeting. If we continue working together outside of your initial consultation, we will submit invoices periodically, depending on client preference.

While transmission of Covid-19 is a concern, we are opting for touch-free payments. We can accept your Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or Discover cards.

What is your cancellation policy?

If we have 24 hours’ notice or more, no biggie. Less than that and there’s a $50 cancellation fee.