When you entrust Room Fu designers with professionally styling your home, you experience the magic of rooms that go beyond being thrown together – they become beautifully pulled together. Have you ever yearned for your house to exude the allure of a magazine spread or the stunning makeovers showcased on TV? That’s precisely what happens when you book a styling session with Room Fu. Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation, where we assess your space, discuss your budget, and curate a shopping list for new decor items that will enhance your surroundings. Once you approve the list, our team turns into decorating ninjas, sourcing and gathering the chosen items. We then install everything while you’re busy working or out and about, just like the designers you see on HGTV!

Please note that styling sessions may require additional team members to complete the work, including a design assistant, movers, or handyman services, depending on your project’s scope. An estimate can be provided during your initial consultation.

Want to brainstorm with an Austin area design pro? If you are in need of quick design advice, look no further – book a consultation and tap into the expertise of Room Fu designers! We are ready to provide on-the-spot ideas to solve your design dilemmas, empowering you to implement them on your own if you like a hands-on DIY project. But if the sound of going out on your own makes you shudder, we certainly welcome the opportunity to help facilitate your completed project on your behalf.

If you require new furniture, we can offer recommendations on reputable retailers and provide selection advice tailored to your needs. Additionally, our expertise extends to space planning, ensuring that you know precisely what elements we recommend for fleshing out your space. We can provide approximate size and scale dimensions to ensure everything fits harmoniously without feeling crowded. Our comprehensive approach encompasses not only selecting the right furniture pieces but also optimizing the layout of your space for maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Unlock the full potential of your home and transform it into a stunning showcase of your personal style with the guidance of Room Fu’s professional interior designers in Austin!

Remodeling? We do that too!

Relocating? We can help!

Have additional questions about Room Fu’s interior design and decorating services? Call or text us at 1-512-797-5821 or check out our FAQs page.