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When Room Fu designers professionally style your home, you get the benefit of having rooms that look pulled together rather than thrown together. Ever wish your house could look like a page out of a magazine or like the makeovers you see on TV? That’s exactly what happens when you book a styling session with Room Fu. We’ll start with a consultation to survey the space, go over your budget, and create a shopping list for new items that will flesh out your decor. Once you approve the list, we’ll go out and gather those items like decorating ninjas, returning to install everything while you are working or out and about–just like the designers do on HGTV!

All styling sessions require an additional assistant and may require handyman services and/or moving assistance, depending upon the scope of the project. An estimate can be given during your initial consultation.

Do you need quick design advice?

Book a consultation and pick the brains of Room Fu designers! We can offer on-the-spot ideas for solving your design dilemmas that you can implement on your own. If you need new furniture, we can recommend retailers and selection advice, too!

Remodeling? We do that too!

Relocating? We can help!

Have additional questions about Room Fu’s interior design and decorating services? Call or text us at 1-512-797-5821 or check out our FAQs page.