Considering that this is a blog mostly about interior design and decorating, wouldn’t you assume those words would rank at the top of the keyword search phrases that drive people to my website?

Well, you’d be wrong this month.

The highest-ranked keyword search phrase so far for July is “room fu.” Pretty normal.

What follows “room fu” is not “interior design” or “interior decorating” or even “austin designer.”

The keyword phrase that comes in at number two is “mikey verdugo shirtless.”


So of course this made me very curious and I did my own search using this keyword phrase…and discovered this article, which reveals that Mr. Verdugo, of HGTV’s Design Star fame, evidently had a few star turns before his stint at HGTV, and not of the design variety.

The dude did gay bondage porn!

Having participated in the Design Star casting process before, I know they specifically ask you if you’ve got any skeletons in your closet that could embarrass the network.

I’d be willing to bet that this type of thing would fall into that category, Mikey!