If you ask a thousand different people how they would define a “Zen environment,” chances are good you’ll end up with a thousand different scenarios.  A day or so ago, I would have said, “Natural elements.  Spa-like.  River rocks.  Combed sand.  The sound of water trickling somewhere.  Calming, relaxing.”  I would have imagined an austere environment…something very minimal and orderly.  A low-contrast palette in earthy greens, browns, and beiges.

And then my friend Amy (a graphic designer and painter) shared snapshots of her new place, which features a colorful, lively palette.  A combination of multiple fabric patterns tossed together haphazardly.  Wonderfully jumbled and eclectic elements.  Yet, when I saw the photos, I immediately felt a sense of calm and the first word that came to mind was, “Zen.”


Amy's dreamy bedroom is surrounded by sheers and layers of her artwork.


She spray-painted the twigs in the vase--try this at home!


I love all of the turquoise and blue accessories popping against the tomato red.



Lamp made from drinking straws!


Amy's funky bathroom highlights one of her paintings.


How charming is this house?


So want to move here.


It will be 50 years before we have trees like that in our tacky new development.


So totally heart the turquoise gate!


My bike would hold plants instead of people, too.


Totally Zen.

Amy’s “little cabin in the middle of nowhere,” as she refers to it, is located in San Angelo, Texas.  It whispers, “Come here and paint.  Relax and be creative.  Slow down–don’t move too fast.”

It looks like a little piece of heaven.

Hopefully, I can talk her into telling us how she made that lamp out of drinking straws–that is too cool!  Stay tuned.