Nothing saddens me more than meeting a young couple with “old people taste.” This is not a knock to older people, as depending on your age, I am probably old enough to be considered one. *Gasp, clutch pearls.*

While I respect anyone who is wise beyond their years, or has an “old soul,” there’s just no need to rush into decorative maturity. In the absence of a clearly defined personal style, some young people adopt the interior decor of their parents. I don’t know if it’s some overreach to project their adult status, or show the world, “look–I have money!” but it’s just NOT RIGHT.

Take Paris Hilton, for example. A 32-year old woman with decent fashion sense should not be living like this:

Apologies to the magazine these images came from–I can’t remember what I was looking at when I took the pictures.

Can you get any more overwrought and gaudy than these pics of her home’s interior? Good gawd, is she Donald Trump all of a sudden??

Young people, hear my plea. Seize your opportunity. This doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to surround yourselves with blow-up sofas and cheap torchiere lamps from Walmart. This is the time to express yourself through simplified forms and quirky color. Inject some fun into your decor! Examples:

Via File No. 7.

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Decoholic

Even if you’re more traditional sort of person, consider using modern fabric on a traditional furniture frame, like this…

Via Little Crown Interiors

…or this:

Photo: Audrey Hannah.

…or this:

Via Simply House Design

I would live quite happily in any of the above spaces, so don’t misconstrue my meaning. This type of interior design shouldn’t be considered off-limits to anyone beyond the twenties-to-thirties range. I’m just saying, live a little, you youngsters. Enjoy the design latitude your age affords you!