If you love, worship and adore Jonathan Adler like I love, worship and adore Jonathan Adler, you will want to check out his new web series on AOL, called Inspiration Point with Jonathan Adler. The footage of him and hubby Simon Doonan in the first episode (“Love and Chakra Tingling Sh*t) is just infectious and guaranteed to make you smile.

Where creativity and design are concerned (hell, where life in general is concerned), the two of them are so Honey Badger–they don’t give a you-know-what. They don’t subscribe to rules, and Jonathan says he doesn’t believe in judging other people’s work, either. (Aside from his stint on Bravo’s Top Design, when he was Head Cheese of Judging?) The second episode of Inspiration Point, titled “Embracing the Ugly” shows him strolling through an antiques shop picking up abysmal-looking pottery pieces and feeling a shared compulsion with those artists to “get to pottery class and make something.” Pretty sweet, when you see a god of design dial it down to basics like that.

I also loved hearing that he grew up with a mod DIY chandelier that his mom created out of styrofoam cups.

There’s nothing super revelatory so far about this web series–only two of the ten episodes are available to date–but still worth checking out. Who can ever get enough of these guys?

Also, who can ever get enough of this:

"Everyone needs some Room Fu!" -- Jonathan Adler

Photos courtesy of AOL.