Okay, so I’ve been playing hooky with the blog the past two days. My apologies for “Art Week” turning into such a short stint, but I can at least fill you in on some don’t-miss art-related events going on this month before my first client meeting!

Art City Austin is a superfun family-friendly event held downtown every year and it’s happening this weekend. Part street fair, part art market, no matter what your budget or style, you can surely find something you like and it’s always great to have a good excuse to mess around outside before the heat really gets going around here. There’s free parking and frequent shuttle service from MLK and Congress, too.

Fans of Dr. Seuss will want to check out his touring personal hat collection–including the infamous Cat in the Hat hat–at Art on 5th, through April 20th.

Longtime readers of this blog know that I look forward to the EAST tour every November, and now that I’ve checked out the artists on this year’s West Austin Studio Tour, I’m pretty psyched about that, too. In its second year, the two-weekend WEST tour will get going April 27th. I’ll post a recommended artists list the week prior, so stay tuned for that!