Art on 5th gallery owner Joe Sigel’s living room features a piece by Canadian artist Sacha. Photo by Suzi Q. Varin / Q Weddings.

We’re going to be focusing on art this week–everything from a current exhibition I’m particularly excited to see, to upcoming events, to the best places to buy art online…and we’re going to get this party started by bragging about our art installation services since some of you may be unaware that we do such a thing!

Many people have trouble where hanging art in their home is concerned. What’s the proper height to hang art? What types of things can you hang next to each other without them fighting? What art goes where? What’s the best placement for this or that piece? How in the heck do you hang a bazillion family photos on the wall without it looking all hodgepodge? It can get a little confusing, but Room Fu is here to help. We come in with all of the necessary picture hanging hardware, and in an hour or two, can have everything hung expertly throughout your home while you tend to emails, catch up on Mad Men, or go have coffee. We can make this part of the decorating process pretty painless–and this is particularly nice for those who are trying to get settled into a new place or anyone staging their house for sale.

Some examples of what we’ve done for clients in the past:

An interesting composition modernizes this photo grouping.

A painting by Austin artist Rory Skagen brings color into this modern music lounge.

We turned vintage baking pans and mid-century bread baskets into a work of art in this modern kitchen.

A collection of Satch Grimley’s mixed media pieces looks amazing installed at this modern stair landing–the vertical arrangement plays up the verticals in the art as well as the verticals of the stair railing.

We like to use large-scale, colorful art to draw your eye up the stairs, like this painting by Brian Barry.

We painted these clients’ picture frames and created a family photo gallery in their staircase. Photo by Suzi Q. Varin / Q Weddings.

Funny how the light switch looks like part of the composition after we grouped these white shelves and frames on the wall in a boy’s bedroom!

Call or text us at (512) 797-5821 if you’d like us to come out and style your walls, and stay tuned for more art-related posts this week!