It’s about that time, folks! You look forward to the EAST tour every year, and for the second year we also have the West Austin Studio Tour to give us a big art fix. I’ve gone through everyone’s websites and have put together a condensed list of artists/galleries I’m raring to hit. If you click through the links, you’ll see why…

Numbers in front correspond to their stop numbers on the map.

  • 1. Mark Yaggie: Nostalgic photos of San Diego’s post-war subdivision
  • 6. ARTWITHAKIRASH: Indescribable interdisciplinary stuff that makes me curious
  • 8. Chris Chappell: Amazing paintings of Clarksville
  • 14. Laura Latimer: Mixed media, sculpture, photography
  • 15. William Cauthern: Interesting block prints on maps
  • 19. ModPlexi: Fun for modern design and mid-century lovers
  • 24. Sonya Berg: Abstract and surreal paintings, drawings and collage
  • 25. Judy Jensen: Quirky, photo-realistic paintings
  • 26. Austin Craft Riot: The former Etsy Austin group
  • 30. Christopher Owen: Interesting photography
  • 36. Padaric Kolander: Powerful paintings, drawings and monotypes
  • 38. Manik Nakra: Amazing pen and ink + copper leaf pieces in Manik’s Untitled Sun Gods series
  • 43. Tim High: Thought-provoking serigraphs
  • 54. Palri Pema Od Ling: Buddhist art, including a 13-foot gold statue of Guru Rinpoche
  • 61. Bald Man Mod: Furniture and lighting for mid-century modern fans. 4/28/13: SUPERFUN!
  • 63. Cary Hulbert: Modern printmaking
  • 65. Adreon Henry: Modern, satirical abstract paintings
  • 66. Anna Ruth Yates: Interesting paintings, works on paper and metal sculptures 4/28/13: Loved the spinning plexi pieces by Charla Wood.
  • 70. Kelly O’Connor: Modern mixed media collages at Women and Their Work 4/28/13: Easily my favorite stop of the tour after two days.
  • 82. Reclaimed Austin: Reimagined vintage furniture and accessories 4/28/13: Definitely a fun stop!
  • 86. Wally Workman Gallery: Fatima Ronquillo’s neoclassical portrait paintings meets 21st-century humor
  • 87. Court Lurie: Modern abstract paintings 4/28/13: Loved Lurie’s work & also the fab metal dresses by John Petrey.
  • 88. Davis Gallery: Lisa Beaman’s mixed media pieces 4/28/13: Fun collection.
  • 101. Jerry Defrese: Folk art + fun portrait paintings
  • 103. Lynn Bridge: Photographs of her funky 3D mosaics
  • 110. Art on 5th: Paul Stankiewicz’s modern impressionist paintings of local landmarks + largest collection of vintage movie posters in Austin
  • 111. Pio:  Awesome jewelry
  • 113. Reworks: Chotsie Gregson’s upscale and upcycled furnishings
  • 117. Greg Davis: Portrait and travel photography that’ll knock your socks off
  • 122. Austin Art Garage: Vast collection of local artists like Judy Paul and Joel Ganucheau
  • 124. Green Summit Studio: Mod sculpture made of natural materials
  • 128. Metalwork Austin: Modern metal furniture, railings, gates and sculpture.
  • 129. 4/28/13: Delicate, minimal bracelets just outside studio #128. Will post photo on Facebook.
  • 130. Hemza Designs: Modern furniture
  • 132. Stella Alesi: Mixed media works on paper
  • 132. Leon Alesi: Arresting and moody portrait photography
  • 141. Roadhouse Relics: Iconic neon signage–a local landmark!
  • 144. GrayDUCK Gallery: Katy Horan’s lacy, monochromatic mixed media figures and Katy O’Connor’s colorful, modern portraits
  • 156. Jason Archer: Satirical and funny
  • 159. Carolyn Kimball: Etchings and monotypes
  • 161. Rory Skagen: One of my fave painters, perfect for lovers of pop culture and mid-century modern. 4/28/13: Bought two of his aluminum bracelets for $12/each, featuring images from his paintings.
  • 167. Melissa Grimes: Superfun paintings and collage. 4/28/13: Melissa had a bazillion beautiful paintings priced between $45-150. Mostly figural nudes, I had a hard time deciding which one to buy.
  • 174. Daniel Lewis Garcia: Intriguing sculpture and fabrication. 4/28/13: Was blown away by his mid-century chicken coop and interesting lighting/chair designs.

Free maps are available at every branch of the Austin Public Library (or print itty bitty type version from here) and catalogs are for sale at Artworks, grayDUCK Gallery, and Women & Their Work (check out the online version here). Enjoy!

April 27-28 & May 4-5