Two local artists–Carolyn Kimball and Cathy Savage–have come up with an ingenious way to help offset the cost of their studio at the new Canopy Art Complex. For $15/month, you can subscribe to their art-by-mail service and receive something they’ve created in their studio each month. They’ll be sending anything from new prints to printed tea towels, to notecards and laser cut pieces. You’ll get a preview of what they’re sending each month, at which point you can elect to have it sent to yourself or gift it to someone else. Sounds like a superb idea and a pretty painless way to support the arts.

From their email:

“We can offer you our work at below-market prices because you are buying it sight unseen. Once finished, these same works would sell for up to double or triple the monthly subscription price. Because your subscription helps to cover our overhead costs, we’re able to pass along the savings. It’s just $15 a month–or as the Kentucky girls says, the price of a good bourbon on the rocks (that’s four lattes for the rest of us).”

If you’re interested, you can find more details and payment info here.