I went a bit bananas over the Modern Home Tour last January in Austin.  This year the event is set for Saturday, February 5th, so mark your calendars.  And y’all?  One of the homes on the tour will be tricked out by YOURS TRULY.  I have been foaming at the mouth to share the details ever since laying eyes on this supercool mod pad and now that it’s finally official, feast your eyes!


I love a little geometric fun, and this house has it in spades.  Is the house a big “g” or a “9?” Or is it a Pac-Man, like my mom suggests?  If you were a modern Pac-Man, wouldn’t you want to eat that cotton-candy blue door?  Nom, nom, nom.

2 = _11 exterior stair 1 DSC_0054

There’s a deck off the second floor, with a staircase up to a larger rooftop deck.


The windows in this kitchen are enormous, and flood the space with light.


How much do I love this staircase railing?  Quite a lot, actually.  When the tour coordinators proposed my sponsorship of the property, I saw this photo and squealed like a little girl, then immediately wrote back, “Yes, please.”  I just adore simple materials elevated to an art form.


…including this built-in desk.  Simple!  Unique!  Under the category of why haven’t I thought of this before? (Photo was taken before the charcoal-colored carpet was installed.)


The view from the workspace.


The window above the vanity provides a daily dose of treetops.  You will D-I-E-die when you see the “accessory” I have planned for this counter in the master bathroom.


Another leafy view in the hall bathroom.


The rooftop deck will be even more fun in the spring and summer, when the trees are full of greenery.

Initially, I saw this as a great marketing opportunity and not much else…I get to stage a cool house, 3,000+ people can see it in a day, they appreciate my color sense and want to hire me.  That was the sum total of my expectations.  After I started working with the developer, things took a whole different turn.  They want me to be funky.  They want me to take risks.  Real risks. They want edgy and different.  I have put some really weird ideas out there…and they are letting me go for it!  Although I can’t paint every wall (the house is currently on the market), this is shaping up to be a true reflection of my warped and twisted personality.  Huzzah!

My partner in crime is Jonathan at Five Elements Furniture, who will be lending the bulk of the furniture you’ll see in the space.  Jonathan hails from the now defunct Your Living Room, so if you liked YLR, you’ll find a similar animal down at Five Elements.  I wish I could show you pictures of the furniture, but that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it?  You’ll have to come out and see.  My client/friend Joe at Art on 5th gallery will also be lending us some amazing pieces of art from some of my favorite local artists.

Saturday, February 5th
11am to 6pm
Room Fu house: 1616 Haskell (stop #12)
Tickets: $15 advance (order here) or $25 on 2/5

701-D South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, Texas

ART on 5th
1501 West 5th Street
Austin, Texas