After a lengthy recovery from my medical mishap(s) last month in Florida, I have finally started the process of re-entering the workforce. I’m not 100% yet.  I can only handle about an hour or two on my feet before the pain kicks into gear.  Whether it’s the ankle sprain, or pressure in my foot from the blood clot in my leg, or whiny muscles that are being misused while I’m compensating for the injuries, I don’t know.  Maybe a combination of all three are working against me.

So while I’m elevating my foot, I might as well blog, right?  Some topics I’m considering writing about:

– The dreckitude that is Candy Spelling’s future penthouse apartment and her scary attachment to dolls.

– New stuff I’ve ogled on the Internets (Etsy, West Elm, CB2, et al).

– A new blogging opportunity that I’m probably jinxing by mentioning before it’s official.

– My new year’s resolutions, as they pertain to my biz and design.

– An unexpected apology from a client I fired last year.

– A poorly written novel I just read about an interior designer who lands a TV design show gig, which reminds me to get off my duff and WRITE A DAMN BOOK ALREADY.

But today is my Williams-Sonoma deadline.  So while I’m writing a post for their Designer Marketplace blog, get ready for some blogging whiplash, as I go from one post here in December to multiple posts in a week.  Huzzah!