You could say I was slow to adopt Pinterest. You might even say that I dragged my feet kicking and screaming like a little bitch about it. I’m not one for going along with the crowd. But after giving it a shot in the interest of doing a blog post about it, I understood the mania. It’s sort of addictive, no?

There are still things I loathe about it. They might as well not have a search engine, for all the good theirs does. No one tags the photos they pin with keywords, so that doesn’t help. And even if you do–say, for example you’re an interior designer and you include the words “interior designer” in your Pinterest profile–that doesn’t mean the search engine is going to pick you up for the ride. Hence, when I was culling through the masses to find the best interior designers to follow, it was a SLUG FEST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

You don’t need that kind of hassle in your life, right? Make it easier on yourself and check out my list on Williams-Sonoma’s Designer Marketplace.

The best interior designers to follow on Pinterest.

In addition to this list of designers, here’s a roster of other folks I’ve enjoyed following:

West Elm – Color and clean style

Madeline Weinrib – Can’t believe my oversight. She should have been on the list! Amazing rugs, fabrics and wallpapers, etc. of her own design.

Centsational Girl – Consistently interesting pins

Lab Partners – Quirky and cool

Because It’s Awesome – For obvious reasons

Simone (Tiny Ass Apartment) – We must have been separated at birth, because I love every single thing this blogger pins.

Riot for Design – Good stuff, plus I love the name Riot for Design.

Josephine Kimberling – This surface designer pins beautiful things.

House of Current – Supercool. Superstylish.

Susan Walsh – Funky pins with a retro bent.

Who do you recommend following? Share your tips in the comments!

Disclosure: Robin Callan is a paid blogger for West Elm parent company, Williams-Sonoma. Read her posts and interviews with celebrity designers on their Designer Marketplace blog.