You might have noticed a crazy wide gap between the date of my last blog post and this one. What gives? Man, I dropped this blog like a hot potato. It was never my specific intention to stop blogging when I did. I just gave myself permission to take a little break, which turned into a sabbatical, which turned into a downright refusal to go back to it. The only reason I’m even doing this post now is because I was updating a page or two on my website and I was already logged in.

Yeah. That’s how apathetic I’ve become where blogging is concerned.

The truth is, I looooooooooooove not blogging. I have reclaimed oodles and oodles of time in my schedule to do other things (or not do anything at all). I have enjoyed the hell out of that.

In the interest of brevity (and the desire to log back off as soon as possible), I’ll just say thanks to former readers for joining me along the way, and invite you to follow us on Facebook, where I still post on occasion.