So this morning I log onto my Facebook account (don’t judge my addicitions and I won’t judge yours) and who has sent me a friend request? Another Design Star contestant, Michael Stribling.

You know…the one who was kind of awful and full of himself, and then cried so hard his whole head turned into a pomegranate when he was booted off?

Need I remind everyone what I wrote about him?

So I’m a little amazed to be the recipient of this high honor, although judging by the stuff on Stribling’s Facebook wall (duh…of course I confirmed him and then read everything on his wall), I’d say it’s a fair guess that friending design bloggers on Facebook is the new guerrilla marketing tool, cuz it turns out he’s got some sort of TV show in the works. Like…if I friend that woman, she’ll be inspired to blog about me and I get another hit on the Internets and thereby pump up my Google SEO a notch!

So, ya happy now, Michael?

If not, let me go one step farther and admit that I also checked out your website and have to give you more credit than I thought due, having based my critical opinion of your design sensibility solely on what you did on Design Star. I didn’t love everything in your online portfolio, but the truth is I did like a lot of it. The conclusion I’m drawing is that you can work wonders with a gazillion dollar budget, but when it comes to creativity on the fly and on the cheap, you’re not really the guy. I doubt this will hurt you in any way…

But the coolest thing I got out of this little trip down Stribling Lane was the recommendation to check out the blog of a friend of his. Which had me laughing uproariously, and totally wishing I could say half of what they say. Be forewarned that if you are offended by cursing or *can’t even think of words I can write if my mom’s gonna read this* then take my advice and forget I even mentioned it.

But if you like your snark pretty offensive with a little dash of design, read it and weep.

Except you, Mom. Trust me on this one.