After Sunday night’s Design Star and the resulting angst-ridden Monday, I need a good dose of happy. These are a few things that’ll do the trick:

Doesn’t the simplicity of this dinnerware just make you go, “ahhhh.” Then I read the fine print and find out the salad bowl doubles as a lid for the cereal bowl? Brilliant! Finally, I don’t have to keep track of lids for plasticware.

A couple pair of earrings crafted by a local Etsy seller, and terribly affordable:

Purchase these and other beauties by Polished, here.

It always makes me happy to see new stuff created by my BFF, Karen, at I Do Design:

This mirror turns me into a bit of girlie mush. Wish I’d seen it last year when I needed a mirror for Phoebe’s bathroom.

Speaking of mush…this makes me get all sentimental about how great a dad Jeb is and how much I love my own Pop: