That’s right, it’s another installment of Steals and Deals. This time we’ve spied some great finds at Williams-Sonoma Home, which normally breaks the bank. (Avert your eyes from the prices on the rest of their merch.) The cool thing about a sale here is that you know you’re getting high quality stuff…which makes the victory of the deal all the sweeter.

First off, I just love these green-stitched pillows and am thinking of getting a couple for my bed. Pretty decent price at roughly $40/ea…the price looks even better when you see they were originally $78!

These larger-than-average woven ottomans (20″ vs. the routine 18″) are a nice little staple. For $100/ea, they’re great side tables for a casual setting and were originally $225 each!

Well, I took a second look at the shipping price ($65) and nearly choked on that. $65 to ship an ottoman? Seems steep, even if you are saving $125 off the original price of the ottoman itself. Maybe you’re not as cheap as me and you’ll still feel like that $125 you saved is like you stuck it to The Man.

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for your guest bathroom or for that little prince/princess in your life. There are still plenty of initials left to be had and at ten bucks a pair, how can you not?