I had to make cupcakes for Phoebe’s third grade Christmas party, so obvs it was time for another PINTEREST FAIL!

You might recall last year’s Valentine’s Day Cyclops Cupcakes. My Christmas cupcakes aren’t as scary looking as that, but still a big ol’ hilarious fail. Here was my Pinterest inspiration:

Instead of red and green icing, I went for chocolate cake and white peppermint frosting since I didn’t have a vat of food coloring to get saturated colors like the pic above. I figured as long as I stuck to the traditional Christmas color palette, it’d all be good. And it was, last night. I dug ’em so much, posted this shot on Facebook:

Pretty cute, right? Kids are gonna love ’em, they were easy-peasy, it’s a total win. Here’s what was waiting for me on the kitchen counter this morning, however:

THANKS, PINTEREST. It’s as good a way as any to sign off for a few days off for the holidays. Have a great week!

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