Room Fu Decorologist Claire Patrick has pulled her favorite posts from the blogosphere for another monthly wrap-up!

1. At its origins, I fully intended on writing these “best of” monthly posts without repeating a particular blog – there are SO many of them in the blogosphere, you’d think there would be plenty of posts in the world to pull from. Alas, in month three, I’m already revisiting a favorite…and I’m sure it’ll happen again and again. Emily Henderson is just that good. And this month, she happened to tackle the seemingly difficult task of kid-proofing a living room of another one of our favorite bloggers, Joy Cho. You’ve probably seen the original before and after on an early episode of Emily’s HGTV show, Secrets from a Stylist.  Emily took a room she’d already made GORGEOUS and pushed it even further, making it safer for Joy’s toddler in the process. How often is kid-proofing not a deal-breaker, in terms of home decor? Emily explains the how’s and why’s of what she did in this post. High-fives all around!

Emily Henderson, of HGTV's Secrets of a Stylist, restyles this living room for fellow blogger Joy Cho, of Oh Joy! so that it's baby-proof.

Emily Henderson

2. Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook gave us a really useful formula for mapping out furniture in your home, as an alternative to computer spaceplanning: painter’s tape + existing furniture = no surprises.

Little Green Notebook presents an alternative to conventional furniture spaceplan by mapping out furniture sizes and placement with painter's tape on the floor.

Little Green Notebook

3. We always love a good IKEA hack, but this is one I haven’t seen before. Sarah M. Dorsey Designs creates two skirted ottomans out of two LACK tables, shower curtains and a camping pad. She features an excellent step-by-step photo tutorial in this post that you should definitely check out before you haul those beat-up LACK tables out to the curb.

Sarah M. Dorsey provides a how-to on converting two Ikea Lack side tables into skirted ottomans with the addition of a shower curtain and a camper pad.

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

4. Ah, November. Seems like the mili-second Halloween is over, all blogs point to Christmas. And there’s an awful lot of red and green. Belinda at The Happy Home gives us some great tips on how to make your own ornaments – in any color scheme you want – by using clear glass baubles and adding all sorts of fun stuff inside! So if you’re jonesing for a fuchsia and orange holiday, you’ve got it!

Four different DIY Christmas ornament projects by design blog, The Happy Home.

The Happy Home

5. Jessica Jones is quite multitalented – she’s a graphic and textile designer AND a badass blogger. And apparently, she’s a pro with the roundups. This month, she collects some fantastic tutorials for funky, unique, colorful DIY holiday gift ideas on her blog, How About Orange.

How About Orange blog offers a gift guide for the holidays.

How About Orange

6. And how could we let this roundup pass us by without a mention of our favorite potter and design idol, Jonathan Adler, whom we met last week. Thanks to the lovely Erica of Design Blahg, we are treated to a little more time with him this month, via the 99 conference. It’s eighteen minutes of awesomeness – his story and his philosophy. We kinda love him over here. And not just because of this:

"Everyone needs some Room Fu!" -- Jonathan Adler

But that certainly does nothing to temper our adoration of him!