So happy to see so much saturated color among the furnishings at Room & Board! Most of it is being marketed for kids’ bedrooms, but good gawd, why should kids have all the fun? If color and sleek, simple design excites you as much as it does me, you are gonna love this:

Architecture Beds in Colors, $999-$1,399. Also available in yellow, pink, orange, aqua, red, green, silver, and white.

Piper Bed in Green, $699-$1,199. Also available in yellow, pink, orange, aqua, red, navy, silver, and white.

Platform Bed in Red, $799-$1,299. Also available in yellow, pink, orange, aqua, green, navy, silver, and white.

Moda Dresser in Solid Maple Painted Yellow, $749-$1,499. Available in 4 sizes, 9 painted colors and 2 wood tones.

Mason 3-Drawer Dresser in Pink/Cherry, $849. Available in 4 different sizes and multiple paint/stain combinations.

Moda Twin Bed w/High Headboard in Solid Maple Painted Orange, $849. Available in 9 colors and two wood finishes.

Moda Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed in Solid Maple Painted Ocean, $1,899.

Moda Crib Bed in Solid Maple Painted Blossom, $1,099.

Mason Nightstand in Green/Cherry, $479. Available in 2 other sizes and multiple color/wood combinations.