Hello to all of you in beautiful Colorado! Since your brains haven’t fried in the heat like ours here in Texas, I’m hoping you can help me out with some shopping suggestions. I will be coming out to the Boulder area next month to work on this vacation house in Nederland that my clients will be renting out via HomeAway. We need to furnish the whole house from scratch, on a budget, IN FIVE DAYS. I don’t have time to mess around! This will be a superfun project–the homeowners want to go FIFTIES LODGE, which excites me to no end. So, aside from Craigslist, where do you people shop for inexpensive-yet-good-quality furniture? What are your favorite vintage stores? Where’s your go-to store for lamps and pillows and other accessories like that? Where do you find good deals on local art?

Also, do you have a handyman in the area you’d like to recommend? We’ll need someone who can assemble furniture and install curtain rods, that sort of thing.

Please leave comments and suggestions. I’m depending on you!

If, like me, you thought, “I want to go here,” when you saw the picture above, stay tuned. I’ll post a link and photos as soon as the house is ready for your next vacation!