According to Consumer Reports, “no VOCs” is sort of hogwash. Their tests found VOCs in EVERY paint on the market. Would love to know how you can market yourself as being “no-VOC” if you still have a bit of the C left in ya. In any case, the paints Consumer Reports rate as Best Buys in the “low or no” category?

Olympic’s Premium line (flat finish) is only $17/gallon and is available at Lowe’s.

Benjamin Moore’s Aura line (satin finish) is a whopping $57/gallon.

Sears’ Ultra line (semi-gloss finish) is $25/gallon.

While we’re on the subject of low/no-VOC paint, most low/no lines can computer-match any color sample you bring in, the only limitation being that some colors take so much pigment, there’s not enough room in the can for all of the toner they require.