Craigslist Austin: Mid-Century Furniture Finds

Craigslist Austin: Mid-Century Furniture Finds

Love the mod wingback on this chair so much! Paint the wood a crazy color, and how adorable would it be?!


This poor baby needs a lot of upholstery love, but with the right colors and combination of fabrics, this chair could be a real knockout!


No one really needs a telephone table anymore, but how can you resist this cute little perch?

Supercute little mid-century telephone table.

Great little dining set.


This whole little vignette reminds me of Marfa.  Which makes me wish I could just drive out there for a night. 


Damn you, Marfa, for haunting my soul!  I clearly need a vacation.  Or some other sort of mellowing out type of attitude adjustment.

Coming up: my recap of tonight’s Design Star on HGTV, followed by my exclusive morning-after interview with tonight’s eliminated designer!

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  1. Willow August 16, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Well, well, well. I just scooped up a similar dining set from that same craigslist seller today, and the link in the posting for the last pic brought me here to this blog. I just moved to Austin and I’ll have to come here to find some goodies.

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