Sometimes Craigslist-ers boggle the mind:

White slay bed with mattress good condition! Yeah, except for the requisite bloodstains a slaying would leave behind, right?

Beautiful Wrought-Iron Headboard / Head Board. This item can be attached to a bed/bed.

Three drawer chest & cabinate. Cabinate = a mineral found near forests that are heavily populated with cabins. See also lakehouseium.

Lots of Furniture Pieces – $1111111. I’m not paying over a mil for any used furniture, unless the user in question was Princess Diana or Jackie-O.

Cool chest with wicker accents. “Cool chest” and “wicker accents” are mutually exclusive.

Couch, Designer – $375. Is that price for the couch or for the designer?

Large Ornate Cheerywood Chest. How happy can it be when it looks like crap?