I recently bought a vintage copy of the Ladies Home Journal Book on Decoration off of Etsy, copyright 1959.  It’s always humorous to peruse a tome such as this because (A) a lot of it is really good, and (B) a lot of it is really bad.

The badness is pretty funny.  Take this quote:


It’s been a long time since ashtrays were considered “necessary” accessories.  In fact, I challenge you to try and even find an ashtray on store shelves anymore.  I tried to find one for a client last year and had to resort to hitting a head shop because I didn’t have time to rummage around a bunch of vintage stores.  They’re practically a relic.

Although I kind of like the drama of this room, how funny to see twin beds sharing a single headboard.  I mean, if you’re going to shove the beds together, why not just get the king-sized mattress and save yourself the hassle of double bed-making work?


Who among you can look at these Dutch doors and not think, “I-I-I am Mis-ter Ed”?


I see this and think, you couldn’t find one other fabric you liked?


If this closet didn’t slap you awake every morning, I don’t know what would.


I’m divided on this shot.  On the one hand: creepy clown doll and frumpy bedskirts.  On the other hand: PB Teen-like lounge cushions and mod storage/display units.  I can’t quite figure out the age of the person who’s using the space…


Love this bed+nightstand, but seems awfully “table for one.”


I guess everything’s better when built-in, as in these built-in side tables with storage:


I’m digging on the palette here:


Quoting the book, “Japanese lanterns, long an established and delightful feature of alfresco evening entertainment, have now come indoors to add a piquant note to the casual and informal room.”


Très piquant!

Here’s a sweet little breakfast area:


Seems like every mid-century kitchen had green cabinets, no?