I have a brand spankin’ new leg brace to add to my collection and it looks like it’s going to be a daily accessory right through SXSW and well into April.  Joy.

As I sit on my couch trying to baby my knee and avoid eye contact out of sheer embarrassment with a very sweet, enthusiastic woman who is cleaning my wreck of a house, I can finally do a little Internet trolling.  Some new stuff at West Elm that caught my attention:

These new hand-printed wood block linens are crazy inexpensive:

Hand-Printed Wood Block Flower Duvet + Shams, from West Elm. $59/Full-Queen, $79/King.

Wood Block Flower Duvet, $59/Full-Queen, $79/King.

I love the simplicity of this shape, and right now this brand-new side table’s on sale!

Aluminum Hexagon Side Table, from West Elm.  On sale right now for $119 (reg. $149).

Aluminum Hexagon Side Table. On sale right now for $119 (reg. $149).

It’s very hard to find an off-the-shelf rug in this size, so if you’ve been hunting for something around 8′ square, jump on this great graphic rug:

Lourdes Sanchez Bull's-Eye Rug, from West Elm.  $399 for 8' square.

Lourdes Sanchez Bull's-Eye Rug, $399 for 8' square.

I love the rusticity of this mirror’s finish combined with its contemporary lines.  Price ain’t bad either.

Ribbon Mirror, from West Elm.  $79.

Ribbon Mirror, $79.

These new pillows, designed by Jason Polan are fun.

Jason Polan Vidalia Pillow Cover, from West Elm. $29 + free shipping.

Jason Polan Vidalia Pillow Cover, $29 + free shipping.

Considering I’m on crutches because of a fall on the ice, these planters make me yearn for spring.

Ceramic Planters, from West Elm.  $69-79.

Ceramic Planters, $69-79.

I’m really digging the hive shapes that are sort of hot right now:

Hive Vases, from West Elm.  $24-34 + free shipping.

Hive Vases, $24-34 + free shipping.

This glassware is perfectly distinctive, especially if you happen to have a mid-century dining table.

Etched Glassware, from West Elm.  $32-40/sets of 4.

Etched Glassware, $32-40/sets of 4.