Top 10 things I chose to do with my day yesterday, instead of writing a blog post about this week’s Design Star:

1. Finished staging a $1.25-million color-happy house in Tarrytown (listing photos to come).

2. Ate seared tuna, Thai green beans and sauteed spinach at Mama Fu’s.

3. Checked out Facebook, adding commentary and “likes” whenever compelled.

4. Caught up on Statesman, CNN, HuffPo, and Slate feeds.

5. Contemplated writing my blog post.

6. Watched Real Housewives of Orange County instead.

7. Researched “indoor pools Austin,” “yoga classes kids Austin,” and “Americans working abroad.”

8. Bought fresh produce for myself and Uncrustables for Phoebe’s camp lunches, because I’m that good a mother.

9. Sewed tucks in the waist of my pants to keep them from falling down after losing 25 pounds.

10. Watched this video of the world’s largest bunny. There’s no stopping Darius!

All of which were more exciting than watching this week’s Design Star. Haven’t totally decided to bail on doing a review, but wasn’t wow’d enough to warrant the effort so far.