I haven’t even started writing a post about last night’s dreadful episode of Design Star.  While I’m hashing that out, feast your eyes on Season 3 runner up Matt Locke’s latest projects:

BEFORE: Matt’s client’s has a beach house in Balboa where the whole family has converged for decades.  During a recent remodel, they removed original redwood paneling…


…which Matt used to construct new bar cabinets:



(The plywood counter and sink are just placeholders until the real stuff is ready.)

I love the sentimental quality of giving new life to old materials from a place with special meaning to this family.  Even Matt’s backsplash treatment is both sweet and functional:


Family photos covered by glass.  Awesome.

But my real fave of Matt’s current project list is this amazing, larger-than-life steam punk-ish art he’s creating for a couple who adore New York:


(Prototype piece.)


At two stories tall, this will really be something to gape over!

Some in progress pics of the real deal:


Look at the size of this thing!

Look at the size of this thing!


Read more about Matt’s work here, and stay tuned for more updates on your favorite Design Stars!