Another snoozer of an episode. This week’s challenge was to fulfill promotion deals with country music star Sarah Evans and the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. (Ha! How did anyone survive before product placement?!)

Seriously, this week’s challenge was to decorate two suites at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, inspired by the personal style of country music star Sarah Evans. Who is still loving herself some shabby chic.


Isn’t Shabby Chic’s 15 minutes over yet? Goodness knows Rachel Ashwell is still making herself buckets of money, but this is a style I can only handle in low doses. Antiques and naturally distressed furniture, yes. Grandma pillows and faux finishes a-go-go? No. Little girl’s room? Yes. Master bedroom? *shudder*

Forgive me if I just put it on a bumper sticker for you:

The winners bagged this challenge with biscotti.

The jars of biscotti on the kitchenette-ish bar really epitomized the differences between the winning team’s suite and the losing team’s suite. What I mean by that is the winning team (Trish-Mikey V.-Crazee) created a suite that revolved around creature comforts and not just aesthetics. As a viewer, that was really nice to see for a change.

After judging the two teams’ suites and each individual’s attempt at hosting an on-air introduction, the panel sent Stax, her bosoms, and her caterpillar eyelashes home. Although it was an appropriate choice–she’s pretty but she doesn’t command authority as a host–I must say I will miss her witicisms.

I do think Vern missed the mark with his ringing endorsement of Trish’s hosting style…his comment that she was the new force to be reckoned with reminded me of McCain’s recent fumbling of gas pricing knowledge. Vern’s just as out of touch with the common viewer here if he thinks that forced delivery of hers is relaxing and warm. Trish has won me over in a lot of ways, but when she addresses the camera it’s incredibly cringe-inducing. Shocking, that he would have such a different reaction to her.

Makes me think this kind of misfiring on the judging mentality is why we’re seeing Star Jones hosting a few House Hunters episodes.

Am I alone on this, or is that just beyond wrong?!