Emily Henderson, Matt Locke, Casey Noble, Lonni Paul, and Nathan Galui

Emily Henderson, Matt Locke, Casey Noble, Lonni Paul, and Nathan Galui

Making appearances last night at Design Star Emily Henderson’s Hollywood viewing party: Matt Locke (Season 3 runner-up), Casey Noble (Season 5), Lonni Paul (Season 4), and Nathan Galui (Season 4), who just moved to LA to start a new gig as design producer for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  According to Matt, LA designtestant Courtland Bascon was a no-show.  Loyal to boyfriend castmate Michael Moeller until the end, eh?

At a commercial break, Matt saw Casey and went over to say hello to her.  “She had no idea who I was,” Matt said.  “I introduced myself and she had that blank stare.  It’s true–there are contestants who never watched the show!”  About Casey, Matt said, “In person she’s drop-dead gorgeous and smaller–everyone looks smaller in person.  She’s just unbelievably pretty.”

According to Matt, there was booing when Nina appeared onscreen, and “polite silence” when Michael appeared.  “I think everybody there was onboard with Team Emily,” he said. “Nobody wished Michael any harm, but when Emily was on, there was all this cheering and it was so fun.  At the end, they put Emily up on the bar and she gave the cutest speech.”

Matt’s been a longtime member of Team Emily himself.  “Personally, I thought her on-camera presentation was really good.  She’s super cute and had some really nice design moments.  I thought that hanging light was the design standout of the whole season.”

“Michael was good too,” Matt went on to say.  “The way they put the show together…they gave him all these opportunities to be snarky and then put them on.  I think that wasn’t in his favor.  Overall, he did have a good presentation at the end.”

But the celeb sighting that really rocked Matt’s world was star of the stage and screen, Megan Hilty.  “I love her,” Matt gushed. “She’s as gorgeous as they come.  I got kind of star-struck with her.”