Lots of great tips flooding in from clients this week!  Today’s tip comes from Jane, who was part of the Room Fu Block Party I held recently in a Mueller neighborhood.  (Three neighbors booked back-to-back paint consultations.)  She hipped me to InMod’s Design Your Own Pillow and Design Your Own Duvet features, which I could get addicted to REAL QUICK.

Step 1. You start with one of their designs.  A sampling:


Step 2. Pick a fabric.  They only have four to choose from, so don’t go getting overwhelmed yet!  There are two cotton options, a cotton/linen blend, and dupioni silk, if you wanna get fancy with your bad self.

Step 3. Choose a size.  Again, limited options.  Either 18″x18″ or 26″x26″.

Step 4. Pick a fabric color.  (The Design Your Own Duvet feature combines this step with #2 above…a little simpler.)  Each fabric has its own range of options.

Step 5. Select colors for the details.  For example, with this pillow design, I only had one embroidery color to pick out:


For this pillow design, you can use up to six different embroidery colors:

design_your_pillowWhile I was playing around, I ended up with pillow prices of $50 (for the Bruce Lee, as pictured) and $65 (for the green one).  Your fabric choices and the complexity of the embroidery seem to be where the prices shift.  Duvets I messed with ranged from $124-178, depending on the size of the duvet and the number of embroidery colors.

Unleash your creative beast!