Over at InStyle magazine, they’re championing the new DIY Fendi baguette–a “kit” consisting of a canvas baguette, embroidery thread and needles, and a little instructional brochure.

For $995.

No, I didn’t forget a decimal point in there. Pardon moi while I flip my ever-lovin’ lid:

  1. I thought the whole point of paying $995 for a purse was to have little third world children do the stitching for you.
  2. Someone in Jersey is bound to Bedazzle it.
  3. If the value of a Fendi bag is 99% tied up in displaying its logo and this little kit comes sans-logo, why would you pay $995 for a bit of unmarked fabric?
  4. If I spent a thousand bucks on a purse, it’s doubtful that I’d go stabbing it a few hundred times with an embroidery needle.
  5. If I pay $995 for a bit of canvas, I’m hanging it on the wall and calling it art.
  6. I wouldn’t even DIY a $99.50 purse–why would I go mucking around with a $995 version?