I missed out on the first weekend of the East Austin Studio Tour, so this weekend I’m determined to hit all of the studios on my wish list.  At the risk of sounding like a total dork, I felt caffeinated after just one stop–all jittery with excitement.

I headed to Macek Furniture’s studio first (#49 on the tour), but stopped dead in my tracks in front of these amazing metal planters in eye-popping colors from Hawkeye Glenn at Blacksmith Industries (#35):


Reasonably priced from $45-100, I’m dying to pop a few of them in orange out front of Chez Callan.  Other styles available:



Back in Mark Macek‘s part of the building, I was slayed by this zebra wood effect Macek’s achieved by slicing plywood beams into cross-sections, then sanding smooth.


Macek’s buddy, Eric Lawrence, was showing his amazing Styrolights in Macek’s space.  Made from post-consumer styrofoam packing material, they’re space-age coolness.  Prices start at $125 for a single-light pendant.


Next up, I was dying to hit Catherine Dudley‘s studio (#90) and was slayed to find out that she has her hands in every step of the creative process.  She’ll shoot some photography and pull elements out of the photo digitally to create a silkscreen…then she’ll create various screen-printed patterns that she slices and dices for collages.  I was already in love with her work and now I’m just in awe of her range of expertise.  I know she’s a “real” artist, but I was dying to make wallpaper out of her scraps…

Catherine Dudley collage material

Catherine Dudley silkscreen prints

Adjacent to Catherine’s was the studio of photographer Sarah Wilson, whose arresting images of prom-goers at the Texas School for the Blind inspired the gamut of emotions.


More to come…