For art lovers, Austin’s East Austin Studio Tour is a little like Christmas, except that it runs for two whole weekends–Double your pleasure, Double your fun! If you’re unfamiliar with the event, this is the time of year when a bazillion artists with studios on the east side of Austin welcome the public. It’s a great time to meet a ton of talented, local artists, see a bunch of inspiring work, and BUY IT.

If you haven’t been one of the lucky peeps to nab a copy of this year’s behemoth of a free catalog, you’re in trouble. Unlike previous years, they haven’t posted an interactive list of participating artists with links to their websites, which makes it trickier to make an informed decision on which studios might interest you. There is a map online here, and if you page through it, you’ll see all of the artists listed on the last page–but again, it doesn’t feature links to websites or any photos for you to preview. Considering there are 542 pages in the catalog for 2012, sussing out your itinerary is not really a last-minute kind of endeavor. It takes planning.

This year's catalog is a BEAST!

This year's catalog is a BEAST!

Here’s the part where you luck out a bit. We’re putting our own carefully curated list together, just in case you find yourself sans reference catalog. Unfortunately, we can’t feature photos of every artist’s work on this list–that would just take for effing ever and like the sands through the hourglass, we’re running out of blogging time before this shindig starts. But our list features most of the artists’ websites, so you can click through and check out their work. Ba-da-bing! Check out our E.A.S.T. Picks from 2011 and 2009, and our 2009 recaps Part 1 and Part 2 for more visuals from some of our perennial faves.

Numbers before artists’ names correspond to pins on the tour map.

1  Austin Public Library – University Hills Branch  |  Mom-daughter mixed media collaborations  |  4721 Loyola Lane

2  James Tisdale |  Ceramic figurative sculptures  |  5809 Coventry Lane

6  Clair LeVaye & House of Debauch |  Photography, vintage printing, silkscreen  |  1604 Glenvalley Drive

7  Scott Rolfe |  Assemblage, mixed media  |  1305 Glencrest Drive

22  Bryan Jobe & Jobe Fabrications |  Steel & wood furniture  |  1208 Bentwood Drive

24a  Christine Terrell & Adaptive Reuse Studios |  Upcycled tin jewelry & encaustic paintings  |  4017 Cherrywood Road

24b  Liz Potter |  Photography, mixed media  |   4017 Cherrywood Road

37  Jennifer Balkan |  Oil painting & cutest house ever  |  3109 Lafayette Avenue

40a  Misha Maynerick Blaise |  Mixed media (featured in West Elm)  |  3209 Walnut Avenue

46b  Chun Hui Pak (at Flatbed Press)  |  Oil painting  |  2830 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

49  Space12 |  Cool stuff worth seeing, various artists  | 3121 E. 12th Street

56a  Susan Wallace |  Mid-century-ish screen doors & custom aluminum grillwork  |  2012 E. 16th Street

56c Lori Linder & Litmus Industries |  Wood, metal, fused glass  |  2012 E. 16th Street

60  Erin Curtis |  Painting (although so crazy-detailed, you’d swear it was digital)  |  1904 Pennsylvania Avenue

66 Charlie Cauvin & April Garcia = Life with Danger |  Mixed media, fabric, illustration, painting  |  1004 Juniper Street

70  HI5H |  Anti’s Warhall  |  1111 Chicon Street

76  Sara Hasslinger & Monsterlove |  Paper mache, screen printing, lots o’ stuff  |  3119 Prado Street

81  Sarah Wilson |  Photography  |  701 Tillery Street, Studio B-1

82  Catherine Dudley |  Mixed media, collage  |  701 Tillery Street, Studio B-2

90  John Mulvany |  Painting, mixed media  |  3401 Govalle Avenue

91  Blue Genie Art Industries |  Oversized fun + Rory Skagen |  916 Springdale Road, Suite 4

92  Federico Archuleta & Graffiiti Western |  Graffiti stencil, mixed media  |  4609 Lyons Road

The following artists are featured at the Pump Project Satellite (1109-B Shady Lane):

95b  Donna Dechen Birdwell |  Mixed media, digital composition

95c  MAKEatx |  Laser cutting

95e  ModPlexi |  Mixed media, collage, plexiglass

95i  Cathy Savage |  Printmaking, collage

95? Patricia Chapa  |  Silkscreen paintings (did not appear in catalog)

The following artists are featured in the same strip of metal buildings at 5305 Bolm Road:

97d  Judy Paul |  Painting, mixed media (One of our Guest Room Giveaway sponsors!)

East Meets West 1

Judy Paul's East Meets West 1

97h  Revi Meicler |  Mixed media

97l  Joseph Phillips |  Painting, mixed media

97m  Jana Swec |  Mixed media

97n  Shea Little |  Mixed media

97o  Gabriel Rodriguez |  Painting, drawing, mixed media

98b  Cari Washburn & Pigoata Studios  |  Painting, ceramics, metal, glass

98c  Karen Woodward |  Sculpture

98d  Hopscotch Road |  Furniture

98e  Stephanie Rubiano |  Mixed media

101a  Kevin Greenblat |  Photography transferred onto recycled wood blocks

104a  Andrea Nelson |  Painting, drawing  |  1514 Ed Bluestein Blvd. #108

110c  Alex Upham  |  Painting  |  727 Airport Blvd.

112  David Clark & Kartwheel Custom Craftsmanship |  Wood, metal, furniture & construction  |  777 Shady Lane, #16

114a  Susannah Blanton |  Oil painting  |  777 Shady Lane #7

The following artists are featured at the Pump Project Art Complex (702 Shady Lane):

117a  Debra Broz |  Mixed media

117e  Edson Enriquez & Limbo Jewelry |  Jewelry, silly!

117f  Cheryl Finfrock |  Painting, encaustic, monotype

117g  Kristin Freeman |  Painting

117o  Darvin Jones |  Acrylic painting

117p  Kafka Lenton |  Painting, mixed media

117t  Michelle Rahbar |  Painting, mixed media

117u  J. Haley |  Mixed media

117?  Matt Wester  |  Paintings  (did not appear in catalog)

118  Satch Grimley |  Seiography, painting, collage & nicest guy ever  |  4809 Red Bluff Road

The following artists are featured at ARTPOST (4704 E. Cesar Chavez Street):

119a  Court Lurie |  Contemporary abstract painting

119b  Kristy Darnell Battani |  Contemporary visual art

119h  Katy Horan |  drawing, painting, illustration

119n  Paul Clarence Oglesby, Jr. |  Cast concrete sculpture

119u  Sara Vanderbeek |  Oil painting

119v  Cherie Weaver |  Visual alchemy

119y  Brian Maclaskey & Lynnea Edwards @ Squid Ink Collective |  Screenprinting, painting, textiles

127b Mark Macek & Macek Furniture Company |  Modern wood furniture  |  405 Springdale Road (Splinter Group South)

128b  Tanya Zal |  Painting, photography, collage

The following furniture designers and makers are located at 618 Tillery Street

132  Hatch Workshop |  Wood furniture & fun stuff

134  Michael Yates Design |  Wood furniture

135  Ryan Anderson & RAD Furniture |  Steel furniture

136  Antonio Diaz & Industry Print Shop |  Screenprinting

140d  Lisa Crowder |  Metalsmithing, jewelry  |  2710 E. Cesar Chavez Street

140f  Christopher Locke & Heartless Machine |  Steampunk metalwork  |  2710 E. Cesar Chavez Street

141  J.J. Campbell &  Rural Rooster |  Screenprinting  |  2602 E. Cesar Chavez Street

142a  Carly Weaver |  Oil painting  |  2606 E. 2nd Street

146  Sky Candy |  Aerial and circus arts  |  507 Calles Street, #117

147c  Catherine Hart |  Drawing, glassblowing  |  507 Calles, #120

148c  Joel Ganucheau |  Mixed media, painting  |  Boom Gallery, 507 Calles Street

148g  Brian McAnulty |  Furniture  |  Boom Gallery, 507 Calles Street

150  Kincannon Studios |  Sculpture, designed environments  |  2601 E. 5th Street

160  Perch Gallery |  ArtAlchemy show  |  2235 E. 6th Street

178  Payam Sarabi & Sarabi Studio |  Metal & wood furniture  |  1000 E. 6th Street, Bldg. B

The following artists are exhibiting at Fisterra Studio (1200 E. 2nd Street):

181a  Jennifer Chenoweth & Fisterra Studio |  Painting, sculpture

181b  Monique Capanelli & Articulture Designs |  3D mixed media

181c  Autumn Ewalt |  Sculpture, drawing, mixed media

181e  Bridget Quinn |  Mixed media

The E.A.S.T. tour runs this Saturday/Sunday and the next, from 11-6. Seriously, don’t miss it. As we come across work we want to rave about, we’ll be doing that on Facebook. So if you want to stay in the loop on the best stops of the tour, be sure you’re part of our Facebook crowd! Other tips: bring cash for art, wear the most comfortable shoes in your hipster closet, keep water in your car for hydrating between stops, and ask the artists for permission if you want to photograph anything.